Overcoming Unhealthy Dependency in the Christian Movement


Advocating for healthy self-reliance in the Christian Church

Headquartered in Lancaster County, PA, Glenn Schwartz is currently serving as a Senior Consultant for Church and mission leaders internationally. Throughout his 50 years of missionary service in East, Central, and Southern Africa he witnessed unhealthy dependency in the Christian movement. As a result he wrote the book, When Charity Destroy’s Dignity which awakens people to the solution; mobilize local resources to create a lasting impact in cross-cultural communication of the Christian Gospel.




Lancaster County, PA USA




What People Are Saying

W. Gunn

“A compilation of some of Schwartz’s legacy of work in eliminating dependency caused by the Western church in mission contexts, this work will provide some challenging insights to those who work in church missions and Christian relief agencies. This work doesn’t provide pat answers but gives concepts that should inform our work with the poor around the world. Mostly coming from African contexts, he gives lots of solid illustrations, many from personal experience. What is most appreciated is the spiritual nature in which the discussion is handled. I bought a copy for every person on my missions committee and will be working through the implications of this book with them for quite some time.”

david m. howard

“Glenn Schwartz digs deeply into scriptural, anthropological, and sociological principles for helping churches break out of dependency on resources from elsewhere in order to promote healthy self-reliance. Abundant illustrations from churches in the majority world prove that dependency can be conquered and churches can become healthy and missional. His book deals with one of the most foundational issues in missions today - unhealthy dependency in church and mission.  ”

john a.

“I am a missionary serving in an emerging world country in a very remote location. Glenn Schwartz does a great job presenting authoritative and experiential material regarding the “Western” approach to missions. I can vouch for what he says and our own mission has adopted Glenn’s principles with success. Of special interest to me was the chapter on “Short Term Missions.” I do everything I can to share that chapter and its principles with short term groups heading to visit us in Papua New Guinea.”


We all can make a difference in the world by using our gifts, talents and abilities to bless others and honor God.
— Glenn Schwartz


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